Abstract Triptychs at Leman Locke

Leman Locke Hotel in Aldergate East, London towers above the urban landscape. With its design lead interiors and refined colour palettes, the rooms and communal spaces were a perfect location for our first photo shoot.  

A new collection of Lizzie Hillier Studio screen prints (soon to be available via our online shop) belonged in the light spacious rooms. The sophisticated mix of colour and urban textures acted as a perfect backdrop for our new bold abstract prints.  

At Leman Locke you are never far away from a breath taking view and always feel submerged in high-end design.

We are all about colour and shape here at Lizzie Hillier Studio and were instantly at home among the carefully curated interiors. With an injection of city energy we are back in the studio planning our next trip to Eden Locke in Edinburgh.  

Locke Blog 1 .jpg
Low Res Marbel and print Locke 1.jpg
Locke Cushion Stack Low Res for Blog.jpg
Low Res Print Close Up.jpg
Lizzie Hillier