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Lizzie Hillier Studio produces limited edition screen prints and bold fabric designs. Printed by hand in Sussex, each print is a one off. Fabrics are available by the meter, also as cushions and lampshades.


Lizzie’s work is grounded in process and a direct relationship with materials. She plays with form, colour and space, to build compositions. The work reflects the immediate and tangible experience of cutting and arranging paper - screen-printing, looking and then adding the next layer or shape. Lizzie builds hers abstract compositions piece-by-piece and makes intuitive decisions along the way. Striking a balance between the precise yet improvised. Adjusting and then readjusting until the forms, shapes and colours fit. The aim is to bring disparate ingredients together to create equilibrium. White is central to the work, adding an element of light to the prints. Playing with areas of tension and juxtaposing movement with stillness.


Lizzie Hillier grew up in Sussex UK, where she continues to work today. She studied BA Textiles at Goldsmiths Collage in London and MA Design at Brighton University. Lizzie went on to run the block print textile company, Woven Oak, where her customers included Liberty London, The Victoria & Albert Museum and Mitsukoshi in Tokyo, Japan. Bauhaus, Abstract Expressionists and Matisse’s cutouts influence her bold abstract style.

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